Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

I discovered her about a year and a half ago on Instagram. I had always found her quirky! Really freakin’ cool clothes. Unbelievable shoes. Hilarious captions in her IG posts. A giggle here and there thinking: Wow… I seriously like this woman! No, now I have done my research and she is a new love of mine. I am totally girl crushing on Leandra Medine.

To give you an idea. A few of her main topics listed in the header of manrepeller.com are: Fashion, Humor, Culture, Trivia, and Dictionary, but not just spelled the ho-hum way, it is Dick-shun-ary. I mean she is just hilarious! How could I not love my new found spirit animal, well human. Just YouTube: Man Repeller. Get your laugh of the day from something that you can actually relate to. Get your fashion fix and get great new inspiration for an additional wardrobe piece. A travel fix! You get that too! Thanks to Man Repeller I will be on the look out for items that I actually want to wear and feel good in, rather than searching for things that the world would want to see me in. This doesn’t mean cue the t-shirts & yoga pants/college girl attire. I save that for Monday-Friday, when school is in session only. I am talking about those unique, eye catching, stunning to you (and maybe you only) clothes that you saw once and thought: I could never pull that off! It looks too high-fashion for me, or it’s too much! Goodbye and adios to those phrases being a part of my vocabulary. So a big and loud shout out is in order, for Miss Leandra Medine – the Man Repeller! Keep on keepin’ on, and grab women’s attention far and near to stop the I-can’t-pull-it-off nonsense. Just wear it!

– K.A.P.


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