A Poet & I Know It… Again

Working on my second poem took a little more time since I had already surrendered my thoughts to my favorite earthly body of water in my last poem: The Ocean. So when I had to come up with another topic to run with for this poem, everything seemed to close in around me, and I felt pretty distant from the ever turning creative wheels in my brain. I started looking around to get some inspiration. I sit in the big comfy chair in the living room and I begin to observe. What would my next poetic adventure be. Dogs? Carpet? Plants? Statue? Bar stool? Telephone? Washing machine? Picture frames? Fireplace? Blanket? Little black bug? Mirror? Wine? -Yep. I will now utilize one of my favorite edible delights as a topic for my next poem. I have already worked so much with fiction and non-fiction pieces in prior english classes, so I wanted to write and play with something I very rarely work with: Poetry! I had a lot of fun with my last poem, so giving it another shot was a good idea. Let’s try this one out for size and see if I can live up to my last fun, simple but rather typically formed poem. Here we go…

          • • • • •

Red, pink, & white
My, what a fright
You have too much
Get red on the clutch
Why can’t it be clear
But oh, how it’s clear
Your obsession with red
When consumed there’s no fear
But could follow with dread
Or you could bang your head!
Your obsession with pink
You don’t stop to think
Let’s run on the ice rink!
Get a coat made from mink!
See that boy? I’m going to wink!
Your wallets on the brink
From that coat made of mink
All thanks to Miss Pink.
Your obsession with white
Try and sit upright
You want your clothes more tight
Let’s make the makeup more bright
Let’s go to the park tonight
Maybe even fly a kite!
Oh, where is my shining knight!
You’re about to start a fight
You throw in a bite!
Onlookers run with panic and fright
Oh, Red, pink, & white
What it does to you.

Wine, whether it be red, white, or rosé, has the power to loosen you up and let you have a little fun, maybe even more fun than usual! Or it can cause quite a ruckus. I’m assuming we’ve all seen such occurrences. I for one, have experienced both on a personal level. Both equally enjoyable, and one of life’s little gifts I might add. Well maybe enjoyable as a memory when time has passed, but still equally enjoyable. Crazy times make for crazy stories. It’s a motto I have with all of my friends and family. I think it’s what keeps us getting out of out houses and ordering those 3 glasses of Riesling at the bar. I’m hoping everyone can relate in some way to this poem. Or maybe, you read it and just thought… I want some wine.

Cheers!  *Clink!*


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