T.K.C.  – noun; a.k.a. The Kiwi Crave blog.
Website: thekiwicrave.com
Derivation: Kendall + Whitney.
A wonderful, highly energetic, and free spirited lifestyle blog containing posts associated with some of the best topics in life, including: food, travel, music, and most of all, fashion.
(Founders pictured below.)

Version 2

– If you have gotten the chance to skim over my home page, you would have seen that I run a joint blog with one of my besties, Whitney Davidson, or Dawn as I call her. Just this past May ’15 we got to sing Happy Birthday! to W and I’s blog baby! So naturally we have become quite fond of blogging over the past year due to the many bloggers that have fed our inspiration seeking minds. Natasha Oakley, WeWoreWhat, Gary Pepper, Kayture, The Blonde Salad, Man Repeller and so many more incredible women have created blogs that have shown us how far blogging can reach into the worlds of fashion and business alike. Although I am not able to do it as much as I would like with TKC these past months, I still get chances to experience the pleasures of creating a post centered around something I am passionate about. W has done a lot of the admin work and writing for thekiwicrave.com lately, for which I am very thankful. *Claps for W*. But when the time is right, and the calendar is clear, I find myself soaking in solace, sitting, relaxing, turning on my freshly discovered tunes, and typing away on my keyboard.
Stress relief. Creative release. Sharing of inspiration. Finding new obsessions. Bonding. These are but a few things I find happening when fiddling around on T.K.C.

Quick tip: Creativity is crucial. Even if you are a doctor, lawyer, politician even accountant. Any job that many would say uses less creativity than the other career paths for the choosing. In all actuality, how would you win a case as a defense lawyer without creativity? How would you cure a strange medical ailment if it wasn’t for creativity? Why not share your own spark of creativity! Who knows! Maybe it could do the world a bit of good by you sharing some inspiration. Start a blog and you will find a pretty cool sense of happiness that will last you until the days of blogging are long gone and over.

– K.A.P.


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