Loving The Scare

I am sure, in fact I know, many people have thought to themselves… why on earth does Kendall actually, truly enjoy scary movies? I have been confronted with this question multiple times since I even knew what a movie was. Honestly, it does make me wonder… am I some sort of freak? According to American Horror Story, season 4: Freak Show, We are all freaks! Okay good, I feel a little better about myself, accept for the fact that I wouldn’t have even known these wise words of advice if I hadn’t watched AHS, which is something scary, which is why I am wondering if I am some sort of freak in the first place. Oops.
Over the years of my scary movie watching, I have only found a few brave friends who appreciate a scary movie as I do. They would love to sit down, bundle up with some blankets (used for protection, of course), and watch good ole horror films all night long. Am I losing it, or does that just sound so fun to you! Now there are lots of genres of movies I stick under scary. There’s thriller, crime, horror, monster horror, ghost films, slasher films, and many more. I steer clear of the Saw, Wrong Turn, and Hostel type movies that I can hardly imagine anyone actually enjoying. Torture movies? Not so much… But instead, I find myself seeking the out the psychological thriller films the most. The ones that really get me thinking about who or what could possibly be the reason behind the madness portrayed throughout the movie. I get it. Most scary movies are just flat out disturbing! Gruesome, gory, blood filled chaos that never quite ends the way you want, and it’s often with a chainsaw being thrown in someone’s back. But that isn’t the point of it all! I find myself living a life that doesn’t have many thrills in it. I mean in the sense that I don’t have near death experiences (not like I am sorry about this), or do extreme sports, or plan to climb Mt. Everest in the near future. Although one could never compare the thrills that come with these events to a scary movie, I feel that when my heart gets to high-speed racing, and I get a little lightheaded from the terrors I just witnessed in a scene, I am a little bit closer to the feeling of what daredevils and extreme sport maniacs feel day-to-day. The point is the scare. The feeling of suspense because it’s not like I get that while I’m watering the plants, or looking through my wardrobe figuring out what I need next, or painting my nails. Well, one could consider this suspense. It’s tough! It’s an art form!
So if any of you can relate, I am giving you a huge virtual hug. All I want is a little scary, suspenseful, heart racing action in my life without actually feeling like- I could potentially die today! Call me crazy or call me a freak, but just remember:
We are all freaks.

• • • • •

Here are some scary movies I have watched over the years that I actually found myself either laughing at, getting sucked into, or finding pretty bizarre and almost turning off but for some reason leaving it on and end up liking it.
The Awakening (spooky ghost stuff)
The Perfect Host (psychological thriller material)
The Call (more for the crime lovers)
Seven (again, crime lovers)
American Psycho (a classic)
– The Woman in Black
(more spooky ghost stuff)
– Black Swan (psycho. thriller)
– Shutter Island (psycho. thriller)
… And I can’t forget my favorite fright-filled TV show
– American Horror Story

– K.A.P.


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