A$AP On The Rocks

A $ A P   R o c k y
He’s bold, he’s young, his rap game is strong, and he’s the realest truest genuine fashion killa, fashion killa, fashion killa.
I appreciate a man who knows how to dress. Always have and always will. It is as refreshing as it is pleasing to me that as ladies, we aren’t the only one’s worried about if, for example, this very particular kind of jeans go with this unique style of top. To many-a-men it is simply a pair of jeans and a top! Of course it will go together! But this isn’t so… and Rocky could tell you that.
A person’s true, undemanding style shows off the personality and a sense of confidence in a person when it is being worn. I remember seeing the issues of GQ where Rocky is rockin’ it in high fashion/statement ensembles. A$AP Rocky was gracing the editorials looking as dapper as ever and draped in the chicest, sleekest fashions. To say he is just another one of my favorite rappers would be an understatement. He is an icon, a presence in and the future of the fashion world. I know I may be a little late on making this statement and writing this now, I know it is old news. But no matter- the world needs to know about this rare existence of a man. I’m really diggin’ the effortlessly-cool-fashionable-fashion killa –
A $ A P   R o c k y.

–  K.A.P.


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