My Main, Anthony Bourdain

One ticket for Lyon, please! 

-My thoughts after just finishing an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknownwhere he visited the beautiful, nestled away town of Lyon, located in the Rhône-Alps region of France. Taken aback, was I, when I realized just how special and undeniably extraordinary this tiny untouched town of Lyon was. I had never really heard of it! Nor had I even pondered the thought of actually traveling to these Parts so Unknown to me!
Anthony B., Tony, Travel/Chef Extraordinaire, where have you been all my life?
I remember when I started watching his show No Reservations on the travel channel when I was a pre-teen, sitting by my dad on the sofa and just thinking: This man is a kook, is vulgar pretty much anytime he opens his mouth, is not just rough around the edges, but razor sharp. But I simply can’t deny… I really like this guy.
A new discovered love has emerged when one day, R reminded of his very existence! He said I needed to check out his new shows Parts Unknown and little did he know he would create a netflix-beinging-machine monster. All episodes watched. Every show. Every season. Every episode.
I mean there aren’t many shows where you get to really get in, or feel in, with the action of a city, witness feasting with the truest-of-true locals, and get to do it all first-class style, but yet, sometimes economy! He is in with the in crowd and knows how to use this God-given power. Meet with some of the top french chefs in the world, or “picnic” by the beaches of Italy, paired with fresh seafood and finest of wines! Top-notch living is one of the many things Tony does oh so well, but yet converses impeccably with the many locals he is paired with to embark on a, chaotic at times, journey. Everyone loves him. I have not seen an episode yet where the people who have been graced by his presence have made snide remarks, or have been forced to saunter off set. He is a true get-along-er, which I think is a big part of why I like him so much! His relate-ability. I get him! He gets us. We all get to learn and feed off of each others need to explore the unknown, and grasp the pleasures of travel. Take it from an amateur: watch & learn from my main, Anthony Bourdain.

– K.A.P.


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