Iron Robert Downey Jr. Man

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Robert Downey Jr.
The man who deserves a bigger than life cover photo on a post all about him. The man who led me to actually care about super-heroes and sleuths. Sorry Batman and Superman. I love you, but… Iron Man. I would willing decline a ride in the safety of the Bat Mobile to take a dangerously intense and ultra precarious ride in the arms of a metal suited man. I could live with the A.D.D., flustered mind of Mr. Holmes as we go galavanting around England snooping out cold-blooded fiends. R.D.Jr. makes these scenarios seem all so beautiful and possible.
I have found myself begging kids that I am babysitting- Please, will you please watch Iron Man with me? I think I have even suggested it as a movie night selection to R many a times, and to my dismay doesn’t quite make the cut. I mean after all, it has been a movie night choice before, and he has seen it just a measly handful size of hundred times, because… why would you not?
Understanding why this actor is so cool to me is simple: He is real. Not the plastic, superficial, phony type who will only be who the masses expect him to be. He portrays who he really is on or off the screen, even if only a little bit is added of the R.D.Jr. flare. He is downey-right funny. *I’m so punny.* Half the time undemanding humor flows effortlessly past his lips. His quirks are his golden ticket. I am not saying he is the sweetest, most humble human being to grace the sets of Hollywood and beyond! I’m not saying his past sunglasses collection he has adorned on the red carpet are on point! I am also not saying I just like him because he shares the same name as the bf, Robby. But I will say this – he is real, and he is true to the man that’s behind that striking smirk.

– K.A.P.


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