I Know What You Mean, JB

If you own an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or are pretty much on social media at all, you probably have gotten the hint…
“What do you mean?” , “What do you mean?”“What do you mean?”“What do you mean?”“What do you mean?”,  “What do you mean?”,  “What do you mean?” … “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, JUSTIN BIEBERRR?!?!?!”

SO if you haven’t gotten the memo already that we all should have been counting down the release of JB’s brand new single, What Do You Mean?, then maybe it’s time you come out from underneath that rock.
Did you get out that piece of paper and sharpie, and join the club? Or were you like me? And when I simply scrolled through my feeds on any social media app, and if I briefly caught a glimpse at a piece of paper being held up by another random famous person, I would end up violently throwing my phone down in despair. Maybe it was a slight case of jealousy that I wasn’t in with the trend involving a copious amount of famous athletes and hollywood stars, or maybe it’s because it’s all I have seen on social media for the past month… Both.

Now this was a pretty grand/dramatic entrance for a new single to be introduced into the music realm, I think we could all agree. But was it over-the-topness? Or pure genius. JB thinks the latter. And now I am starting to think so too.

This beautiful, sunny morning, W sent me a link to perezhilton.com announcing the release of WDYM online today. I contemplated even tapping on the link. Why would I give-in to such a thing that has been my social-media-foe since day 1! I finally brought myself to make the click. I gave it a listen, and another listen, and another. I confess! It was hard to peel myself away from Bieber’s enchanting beat.

This is JB gold my friends. I have been in love with Where Are Ü Now ever since it’s release this past February ’15, and I cannot forget All That Matters released in October ’14. They’re those songs that never get old, along with the likes of Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood, Drunk In Love – Beyoncé (duh!), and Flex (Oh Oh Oohh) by Rich Homie Quan, just to name a few.

I’m liking the new JB vibes! They’re very Kygo-esque (a very favorite DJ of mine) and posses extremely catchy rhythms! He’s become the guy with who you find yourself wanting to say, and I quote: “…I love the little lost boy in him. I want to be friends with him. He seems so nice.” -W is right! Yes he has had his downfalls. Raced more-expensive-than-a-mansion-type cars in the public streets to get his fill of a thrill, okay and, he’s fought with Orlando Bloom over an ex-wife situation, and yes he has egged his neighbors house, but excuse me… who hasn’t done this? I would be forced to find you square if you haven’t.

SO I implore you. Find the “lost boy” in him. Find the friend you’ve always wanted in him. And now thoroughly enjoy the wicked-cool beat of…

What Do You Mean?

– K.A.P.


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