VMA ’15 Talk

VMA 2015 Indicados
Let’s sum it up, shall we? – An emotional wreck. Phrase describing me for what feels like a few short hours ago but was yesterday evening. I think I feel this way because it stuck with me so much as I gazed upon its exciting, at times angering, sad, and joyful moments. I was only able to view the All Access Live stream instead of the actual VMA show due to technical difficulties. (There is not one speck of surprise in this.) But luckily a small screen on the bottom right hand corner of the screen still allowed me to indulge in the VMA splendor. But in turn, was hardly big enough to with-hold all of the drama.

The amount of times my jaw-dropped was a whopping – I couldn’t even tell you how many times. Just the sheer number of celebs that were all in one place at the same time was sure enough a way to fulfill your needed weekly dose of drama. From the video premiere of Wildest Dreams, that left me speechless and eyes watery, to the rather self-loving Kanye, to Justin Biebs balling, and then of course the Miley mayhem, we could say that with those few celeb names we could write a whole book on The Many Dramas of the 2015 VMA’s. 

Miley on the red carpet
Wildest Dreams video premiere
On stage: Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus
Justin Bieber crying post-performance
Taylor Swift presenting award to Kanye West
Kanye West’s 12 minute speech, with included message: “I have decided in 2020 to
run for president.”  *mic drops*
Miley’s vibrant finale performance

Yells were heard around the world due to my scream fest to try to coax Kayne off the stage about 5 minutes in to his… whatever it was speech. I felt I had a duty to the public to try and get him off of the T.V. screens, but to my dismay he didn’t hear me. But other than anger, I felt so elated for the winners, which was also another notable emotion, and excitement for the new tunes that would be entering into my music library.

It was a long night! And although I know many disagree, it was a night well spent with Miley. Yes! She is over the top and kooky! – Isn’t that why we love her? The group text I had with the girls, Olivia & W was entertainment in and of itself. The differing opinions through the evening were quite exaggerated. But all together, no one can deny the simple facts. These will be a year of Video Music Awards to remember.

– K.A.P.


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