The Design District | Dallas, TX

My happy place. Where I could spend all day window shopping, walking from street corner to street corner, lined with showrooms that seemingly go on forever, and moseying in to all of the delicious restaurants randomly located throughout the blocks of design shops. It’s like a mini-wonderland, filled image3with endless possibilities that can make a home breathtakingly beautiful… or not. (I have found that not everyone has “breathtaking” taste, so it greatly depends on the showroom. Yikes.)

I daydream a lot here. It’s one of my favorite pass-times, but it’s heightened to another degree here. I plan my future home. My friends’ future homes. My future home with my husband. My brain just wanders away and I often have to call it back to the mothership and kick it back into work gear.

My mom is an interior designer, and ever since I was able to say the words chandelier and armoire, I established myself as her formal assistant. Over the many years of venturing into Dallas with multiple lists of to-do’s and needing-to-be-done’s, I have found my favorite destinations are the fabric showrooms. This isn’t just because of the free-unlimited Keurig coffees and the varieties of snacks for your choosing, but the miles and miles of endless yards of some of the finest fabrics around, are at our disposal. Just give me a blank slate of a home, and I could do fabric hunting all day without seising to be thrilled by every unique pattern and color I come across. Basically it’s the equivalent of a candy store. Years of fabric-lust has lead me to discover all of the magical powers that a simple fabric can posses. A love seat upholstered in a fabric only suitable for the likes of great grandmothers, or 19th century old women, can be transformed with maybe a new stain on the wood, and a few yards of brand new fabric.

Fabric would be simply one of many things that I find excitement in in the DD. There are some showrooms that you feel you need to write a check for in order to breathe in the air that surrounds the furniture pieces and accessories they are displaying. But these are also the fun ones. I am so fascinated by a blanket that can be in the thousands-of-dollars range, or a dining room chair that costs as much as my car. Some may call it ostentatious and unnecessary to the most extreme level. – I find it to be a fascination.

Much like fashion has outrageous price points, so does interior design! There are also seasons and trends that are considered when making changes to the design collections displayed in the showrooms! It’s another form of art along with fashion. Just as fashion finds it’s home in a mall, interior design finds its place in-
The Design District. A haven for blank slates to be turned into masterpieces.

Next destination in need of visiting:
Pacific Design Center | West Hollywood, CA.

– K.A.P.


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