The Miley-Cyrus-Style Climb

Fashion/song queen, super lean, all supreme, can’t be mean, you envy ’til you’re green. Miley Cyrus.
We Can’t Stop premiered and I flinched. Now I applause.
Could one be any smarter? She was once living a double life as, dare I say the name, Hannah Montana, and now she is full blown, one life, 100% herself, Cyrus.
When she disappeared for awhile post-The Last Song we all wondered if she would be gone for good or if she would start embracing that new, unique and mystery of a hair-do and look through her talents as a singer, artist, and actress! Well we got it, she embraced it, and now we have a lot of Miley stories to go around. I won’t touch on all of her on-stage/off-stage mishaps, but I will touch on her brilliance.

Back to the whole “could one be any smarter?” thing. As a young woman, I aspire to be successful in life. I don’t really have a set, exact plan as to how I will achieve this, but I know it won’t ever be even close to the MC hyped, admittedly pretty crazy, way. But I mean, she wanted attention and to get back in the game, right? She got that, right? Although I don’t agree with many of the ways in which she went about doing this, she had guts to take a leap, more like drive, back into the mainstream fire the way she did. And I can’t help but give her credit, because… I never could, would or should! To put it simply. (I’ll save that for Miley.)

I think it all started with that Vanity Fair cover shoot. We started to get a taste that Miley wanted to break free from the Disney shell and start branching -more like create a completely new tree trunk- out.  It wasn’t until 2012 that we got the now famous, Miley hair cut. Little did we know this would only be the tip of the ice burg. With a new edgy look and long lost, The Last Song boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, it all became clear that this was the new Miley and she didn’t care what anyone else thought about it.

Like I said, I went from flinching, to applauding pretty quickly as I began to realize that actually this is one of the smartest, yet most unusual publicity stunts I had ever witnessed. She wanted to get back in the game in a bigger, no more Disney, cornball, Hannah Montana, type of way. It would be a brand new Miley-way patented by only Cyrus herself. After all, I don’t think anyone else could quite make as drastic and fast of a change as MC presented, which is not so easily and effortlessly pulled off.

Looking past the drastic and rather revealing/scandalous ensembles, and we can’t forget events, she still appears to be that sweet, smiley faced Miley I will always remember from her early years as a young, spunky teen. Now she has an edge that will take the world by storm one weird, Miley-Moment at a time.

– K.A.P.


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