Lana Del Rey-Of-Sunshine

Lana Del Rey
A woman of mystery. She has an air about her and what that “air” would be I have no clue. Is she sad? Lonely? Happy? In love? Out of love? Joyful? Heartbroken? -A few emotions I have picked up from her sentimental style songs.
She was the woman who sang me through my senior year of high school and has done so ever since. W can relate, as she was the reigning topic discussed at school, which of course, as any girl would do, lead us to draw doodles, and artsy-ly write the lyrics in our notebooks of Lana’s newly discovered songs.
I can remember when Born To Die was the turning point of my affections for Lana. I had listened to it once one homework filled, winter afternoon. I felt compelled to brush off my neutral feelings towards BTD and pressed play a second time a few minutes later. It was then that something clicked inside. Was it the Lana Fever? – Yes. If there was such a thing, I had contracted it, and in full force. A few rapid clicks through her YouTube channel and iTunes later, she made a Lana-loving listener out of me. Her voice is euphoric, magical, and refreshing. It’s old, yet new. Glamorous, yet natural and down to earth. There isn’t enough good I could say about Lana without sounding like her mother, or personal agent for that matter. But the best I can do with out bringing such thoughts incarnate is just a quick word of advise: listen to Lana.

• • • • •

Video Games

National Anthem

Summertime Sadness

Blue Jeans

Young and Beautiful

West Coast


This Is What Makes Us Girls

– K.A.P.


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