Blogging-Post-Wine Series, Ep. 1

It’s a clear, crisp Sunday, a few hours after the sun has gone down. I can’t believe I can already call the outside air “crisp”. Today marks the 10th day before the inevitable turning of the globe a small angle’s worth away from the sun. Nature’s colors changing to warmer hues of yellow, orange, and red. Being able to wear my favorite clothing accessory – a sweater! Hot chocolate.
So am I sounding like I like Autumn yet? Yeah?
Because, no. I don’t!
I have never been a cold weather lover. I take after my father who would rather burst into flames than be in a foot of snow for five minutes.

I just finished watching Miss America with the roomies Sloane & Jamie. We approve of Miss Georgia taking home the crown, being southern bells  ladies  girls women ourselves.

Afterwards, we promptly changed the channel back to the beloved Monsters Inc. to avoid the new season of Dancing With The Stars at all costs.
* Side note – Why is Hayes Grier on this show?
A real question that I truly want an answer to.  No sarcastic undertones.

So now as I sit here with freshly baked choco-chip cookies *thanks, Sloane-Dog* and my glass of $3 chardonnay, I begin to contemplate on the sequential occurrences of my day.
• I Woke up.
• Sent morning text to Robby.
• Whipped up a batch of milk & Cheerios, of course. My daily routine.
• I sat on the couch.
• Began watching I Am Cait.  2 hours/2 episodes quickly pass.
• Get up to get my laptop.
• Make channel change to ABC Family. To Jamie and I’s excitement Toy Story is on.
• Wrote a blog post for KIWI.
• Next on ABC Family: Toy Story 2
Made myself a salad.
Next on ABC Family: Toy Story 3  (I don’t know why they didn’t just do a
marathon, but with that aside, we got a rather pleasing alternative…)
  Wreck It Ralph.
Finishing with – Next on ABC Family: Monster’s Inc. (accompanied with that tiny break for Miss America.)

It is now 10:39pm and I will officially have been watching a T.V. screen for 12 hours, in about 20 minutes.

But you see I can’t feel guilt or disgust! I have already tried. I find I am actually quite content with my life decisions for the day! September 13th, 2015 brought about a great deal of relaxation, uplifting childhood movies, no drama, and smooth sailing – just the way I like it.
So today I was reminded of something. Nothing is better than friends, movies, cookies, and wine on a Sunday afternoon *morning, evening, and night*.

Goodnight Fellow Wine-o’s!!
*Please drink responsibly*

–  K.A.P.


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