Blogging-Post-Wine Series, Ep. 2

It’s a midnight, up on a Tuesday, with talking.
Typical trait of any female filled household. Sloane and I have adjourned to the living room after coming back from volleyball tryouts that I vigorously contributed to while on my behind, being moral support from the bench. I miss that sport. It was always my #1. My stress relief. My love, in high school. Where did you go, volleyball?
Oh, that’s right. College tends to be too greedy for attention. (We’re working on it.)

I love the crowd that collects in the living room at night. I have my three roommates and a boyfriend, belonging to S, on the three couches dispersed amongst the dimly lit room. Show of choice for the night? House of Cards (re-watch). S and I can’t seem to stop shrieking “EW!!!” at the character known as Zoe Barnes on the show. Kate Mara really has made an art of knowing how to make people dislike her profusely. First, American Horror Story, now House of Cards, as basically the same kind of character that we can’t held but despise! Why, Kate?!

The episode I just encountered this evening reeked havoc amid the lamp lit room as we all were covering our eyes and sinking deeper into the sofas with disgust as Kevin Spacey pulls his bold bed move. “NO FRANK!”, we shriek as all of us know the world, human society, the human race, human beings do not wish to gaze upon such confusing subject matter.

On the other hand, my wine was rather delicious this evening! I have been on a hunt to find the most cheap wines that will taste the least cheap to the pallet. So to Walmart I go. I generally mark this as “no-go-territory” when finding a place to go on a wine-centered scavenger hunt, but who can contest! Walmart has deals averaging the price of dirt, and I intend to find the cheapest and best wines amid the muck that tends to be found at the local C-Stat Wally-World.

With great relief, on one beautiful sunny Sunday, I found myself picking through the vast narrow array of Walmart supplied wines and found Oakleaf! It is the wine of choosing when the bank is a little low, and my desire for wine is high. I find the Chardonnay and the Cab. to be the best choices. Please do not try the “Sweet Red” labeled wine, as my friend Tiffany has, as it is almost inedible. BUT, with no further bashing of the brand I will repeat, that the Chard. and Cab. are wonderful subs for that $9-$12 wine you find yourself buying and believing: “Oh! How cheap!”

* Sticking my hand into a 2 lb. box of Goldfish. *

If you are feeling ritzy, a wine by the name of Sea Pearl makes for a wonderful fresh, fruity (grapefruit to be exact), summery alternative to the $3 Oakleaf  I  find so satsfying. I sipped and loved. A typical for me in the wine department amongst the kitchen purchases – I like anything. I find this very useful when I find that my new favorite college-kid-budget-style bottle of wine is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and not to mention, a bottle lasts me a couple days, not 5 minutes!

So, things I have learned today. Politicians have the ability to be complete slime balls with bad habits. Kate Mara gets my under-garments in a wad. Wine can actually be appetizing with a $3 price sticker. I miss volleyball terribly. &
I love wine and goldfish with all of my heart.

Sweet Dreams, wine-o’s!!

– K.A.P.


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