October Fever

I don’t get excited for fall- yet I love October. I dislike the color orange in most decor situations- yet I love October. I don’t like nippy whether whatsoever- yet I love October.

I think the initial realization that the numbers on the thermometer are dropping are set to the side as I turn on the T.V. and ABC Family has begun the 13 Nights of Halloween celebration. Not only 13NOH gets me going, but just the simple fact that finally, it is socially acceptable to actually force your fraidy-cat friends into watching a scary movie with you. Because they have to. Because it’s October. Because it’s almost Halloween.
Next to this, I love the pumpkins that show up in the most random of places. (And I don’t mean in Starbucks coffee drinks, or any odd foods the marketing folks can think of to put pumpkin in.) I mean the certain happiness that comes with when you’re walking through a grocery store on October 1st, and a little orange delight in sitting in the cereal isle, or when you drive down the street and see one smiling at you from the dashboard of a car, or when theres one happily sitting in bike baskets whizzing across campus.
With Halloween on the horizon, who could not feel the love tonight for this crisp, creepy month! Being someone you definitely and hopefully are not (in many cases) for a day is something to celebrate and create a countdown for. One thing in particular this year, that I find to have already made the Halloween season merry and bright, is indeed, you guessed it…
American Horror Story: Hotel.
The 5th season. Which I hope will bring the 4th season up from its ashes, and remind us all just how  amazing AHS can truly be. With a cast involving the Lady Gaga, and prime Horror Story veterans: Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Angela Basset, and more *We will miss you terribly, Jessica Lange!* the show is bound to commit and bring us a terrifying treasure of a show.  I can already hear the screams echoing round the house when the girls and I watch the premiere on October 7th. *Circle the date, or be square.*

The Recap:
ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween
The ability to use force when it comes to watching a scary movie with friends.
Randomly placed pumpkins
A countdown to Halloween
The American Horror Story: Hotel premiere

And a Happy October, Halloween, Candy Eating, Pumpkin Decorating, Scary Movie Watching Month to you all!!

– K.A.P.


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