15 Random Things I Just Really Want

The season for being able to blur the line between wanting and needing is among us. I recently made the mistake of visiting Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal’s “Gifts” sections on their websites. About 5 minutes in, and time commenced warp speed, turning minutes into hours of intrigued clicking and scrolling through pages and pages of fun-filled items. The final product of my incessant searching is seen below – 15 random things I just really want.

Urban Outfitters

1 • Emoji Sticker Sheet Set
I already use the life out of these little guys in texts. Imagine the power I could have by using these babies in real life! I think they would bring a lot of happiness to my daily life.

2 • Marble Light-Up LED Balloons 5-Pack Set
Just too much fun to process. I am so in love with these. Lots of gold stars and hugs to their creator. Perfect for a birthday or whatever-day!

3 • Waterspot SPLASH iPhone Camera Case
I just wanna be cool and have a GoPro already. But because I don’t, this can so do. The fun colors of the case grab my attention enough, but it just happens to have the awesome perk of under water picture taking capabilities all while looking pretty snazzy.

4 • Dotti Smartphone Light Notification
I am a girl who has her moments of anger with excessive cellphone usage. So when I have the chance, I like to put the iPhone away and focus on what’s going on around me! Especially with friends or family around. So thanks to this little ingenious invention, it can get those that are having a love affair with their electronics, to look around, converse with humans, and enjoy the beautiful God-given day. So, basically if you have a notification it’ll letcha know. Let the celly have a nap.

5 • PicoPro Phone Projector
Just think at how fun this would be at a dinner party or get-together! Movie watching and slide-show viewings just got 10,000 times more spectacular. I want.

6 • Light-Up Party Ball 
I want about 10 of these. Make that 1000. I think I will use them as my everyday go-to lights all around the house.
Welcome to sparkly, psychedelic, cloud-9, complete with rainbows.
7 • BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphere 
My inner nerd is yearning for a BB-8. With the new Star Wars film around the corner, I only find it fitting to get him and take him with me to see his big bro R-2! Call it a rescue mission.
8 • Ringly Smart Ring
Another brilliant invention to get phone-obsessors out of their phone world. And this one is absolutely beautiful. Made of semi-precious and precious stones with an 18k matte gold band, it’s a ring I would wear everywhere. It vibrates, lights up, or can be customized to however you’d like to be notified of an important call or appointment you have coming up! Really though. What will they come up with next…

9 • Disco Sipper
Sipping in style. The days of disco would be proud. So will my belly with all the yummy drinks I would put in this thing! And would have so much fun doing it too – Win, win.

Nasty Gal

10 • Skinnydip London No Filter Metallic Clutch
It’s the explicit version of something I always loved as a kid. The design your own stuff was my jam. Naturally this clutch got me very excited and wanting to sticker everything!
11 • UNIF Chroma Nails – White
Iridescent & opalescent. Two of my favorite “colors”. Plus I am always obsessing over my nails and feeling that I must have them painted. This would just be so beautiful to look at anytime I touched anything. I would be pointing a lot.
12 • The Burlap Bag Unicorn Puke Soy Candle
It’s the name. Quite simply, that’s it. My curiosity needs to experience this candle.
13 • Wicked Hippie Shake Your Pom Pom Lashes
What’s that?
Rainbow pom poms on my eyelashes?
Say no more.
14 • Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony Safety First Holographic Crossbody Bag
This would be my going out bag.
1) It’s cross body and small.
2) You would never lose it. (clearly)
3) You would never lose anything in it.
3) And everything that’s thrown in there would be so easy to find again. It’s pretty much perfect. And not too shabby of a price either!
15 • Leader of the Pac-Man Holographic iPhone 6 Case
Holographic anything is just the best.
Especially when holographic meets Pac-Man on a phone case.

The end

– K.A.P.


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