Globetrotter Wanna Be

Ok, I full fledged, all-in admit. I call myself a seasoned traveller. But the more I delve into the meaning of the term traveller, I find my self stepping back. I have been to many places in my life, in the U.S. and outside of it, but can I really call myself a seasoned/professional traveller, as much as I would like to? After all, I am a student. I can’t exactly travel every single week/month, or whenever my heart and feet feel compelled. After all, my bank account is not overflowing with the greenbacks. I can’t exactly handout my savings to airlines, and hotel companies as if it was candy and expect them to feed and clothe me through college and beyond. But I think I could call myself a traveller simply because of the countless plans I have. No one would want to count the plans I have. I know I don’t! I don’t even have them counted. All I know is that I want to be successful, gosh dang it! And it’s all in the name of travel! Even my love of my life, Robby, and I have established it. Children are a no-go until we feel we are well traveled individuals, who can then bring our children along with us to experience all this big world has to offer. Well maybe they’ll start on a smaller level than what we have planned, so starting with the U.S. instead of Paris for the baby’s first birthday and Abu Dhabi for he/she’s second.
I have been to Italy, France, England, Canada, Hawaii, California more times than I can count, and most of the major cities in the U.S.A. They were all incredible experiences, and I thank my mom & dad everyday for the amazing life they have given me that is so magical, cultured, and enriched. But now that I have hit the surface of these exceptional places, I want to crash-dive in deeper. I want to stay in an apartment in Paris, live like a local, wake up late, and not have to worry about not having enough time if I accidentally do sleep in. I want to be at a point where it’s only necessary to buy a one-way ticket. I don’t want a plan, just know that I am going to Paris, eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I can! After all, I would be walking everywhere. I would want to take in the air that wraps me and the smells of the foods, the vespas sputtering by, the ladies’ pricey perfumes, the flowers being sold by the old lady on the street corner. That typical stuff you imagine when asked to envision the french way of life. Basically, I want to indulge. No cares or worries to tug me back to reality with the smallest inkling of self-awareness or pondering of anything back home. Most of all though, I don’t want to do it alone though. I want to be with my love, Robbyyy! I want friends to join us if only for a few days and wherever we plan to go next, or friends who want to stop and say hello on a journey of their own. I have so many dreams, and one is to be a formally, certified, bonafide traveller, and be where one day I don’t have to dream anymore! But be where I can actually buy that one-way and go.
What is a traveller?- A backpacker, a tourist, a vacationer, a sightseer, a globetrotter. We are all travellers at some point in our lives through any of these terms or another. But I just wanna be a globetrotter. 

– K.A.P.


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